Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Sports Performance & Athletic Development

Our Alpha’s are engineered by combining sports science principals and clinical kinesiology to build a holistically stronger and higher performing athlete. The hybridisation of the two industries by our Exercise Physiologists, allows our Alpha athletes to target their body’s performance leaks, while developing explosive strength, power and speed. This multilayered system of athletic development produces optimal results in our athletes’ sports performance.


In conjunction with our academic background, our Exercise Physiologists are athletes themselves, having experience and understanding working with multiple coaches, competition preparation and managing injury & performance issues. The conjunction of both scientific academia and coaching experience covers all aspects of athletic performance, allowing us to produce results for our athletes.


Athletes performing at all levels, from weekend warriors to Elite National athletes have access to world class strength and conditioning coaching and environment to give them the competitive edge while reducing injury risk.


At Alpha, we strive on quality movement and individualised training to address each athlete’s weaknesses and optimally prepare them for the demands of their sport. This means our athletes are more physically prepared for the demands of the sport, increasing durability and more time performing their sport.


The Alpha system addresses the weaknesses and performance leaks that sometimes can’t be seen by the naked eye during movement. Athletes are compensatory machines, but this takes away from force production and transfer through the body, and thus limiting their performance. The Alpha Performance test is built to reveal underlying performance leaks and instabilities which could be contributing to a current plateau, recurring injury or unlocking that extra 1% you need to take your performance to the next level.

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