At Alpha we are determined to not just get you back to training or competition, but to become better than your best. In acute stage of injury we work closely with a number of different allied health professionals, who are experts in their field and specialise in your chosen sport or activity to direct the early stages of treatment. As our coaches are Exercise Physiologists trained in rehabilitation, they will alter your training to work around your injury and your weaknesses in conjunction with your manual therapy.


In the sub-acute stage of injury, or a longstanding injury that hasn’t been properly rehabilitated, we take a different approach to your treatment beginning with an assessment by one of our Exercise Physiologists. The assessment will be a variation of our Performance testing, assessing movement dysfunction, mobility and stability limitations and muscle strength tests which will determine what is required in your rehabilitation and strength programming as well as a referral to a manual therapist if necessary.


Our rehabilitation principles are different to traditional treatment, we bridge the gap from rehab to performance with a few key steps which ensures a safe and structured return to play:

  1. Pain Management + Tissue Healing
  2. Movement Restoration (Active mobility and muscle activation)
  3. Stability + Psychomotor Control (Biomechanical efficiency, static and dynamic segmental control and unilateral stability)
  4. Movement Fundamentals (general power and strength development in the big 6 fundamental movement patterns)
  5. Athletic Fundamentals (Abillity to Absorb force, find athletic base, accelerate, decelerate, change direction)
  6. Advanced Performance (positional specific movement efficiency for chosen sport)


Following these principles will allow any Alpha Athlete to progress from rehab to performance and return to high performance as well as in season athletic development training.


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