Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness

At Alpha, everyone is an athlete even if you don’t consider yourself as one. Our strength and conditioning classes are programmed and structured as an athlete’s would, including 4 main components:


1. Structure
Rather than a traditional warm up which aims to increase core temperature by simply moving, your warm ups are focused on increasing mobility, muscle activation and movement patterning. This way we take a productive approach to increasing core temperature by increasing your state of readiness, decreasing injury risk and increasing preparedness.


2. Strength, Power and Speed
Beginning with the most explosive work, whether that be short sprints, heavy squats or plyometric based movements, the session begins with an athletic focus of producing maximal power. From there the session will taper into more full body strength work at a submaximal intensity. The focus for each session will be pre programmed to progressively overload each athlete over a training block, that way the sessions are planned and structured, delivering improvements in strength and overall muscular development.


3. Conditioning
Each session will have a conditioning aspect. This may be in a circuit format or in anaerobic intervals, however the focus is to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity.


4. Recovery
The sessions always finish with an element of recovery and “stillness”. We leave you to stretch in your own time, but we allow time to stop and breathe. This allows our parasympathetic nervous system to kick in, and improve recovery. All day we are on the go, and sympathetically driven, it’s important to stop and allow ourselves to breathe.


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