Be Your Alpha

Alpha Athletes is built on the principals of self growth, facing your challenges and ultimately becoming YOUR Alpha. Humans are creatures of habit, where change drives feelings of discomfort and apprehension.

Alpha Athletes is about breaking that cycle because growth is built on the other side of comfort. We strive to push our athletes and members to be the strongest and best version of themselves, and unleash their inner Alpha.

We’re All Athletes

At Alpha, everyone is an athlete, and Alpha Athletics is your place for growth and development. We will refer to you as an athlete no matter what your training history or current condition, and you will train and be coached like an athlete.

Our Philosophy

Our training philosophy combines sports science and kinesiology. We don’t just strive to make our athletes the strongest, fastest or the most powerful, but to move well and significantly reduce their injury risk. “You can’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe”.

Injury risk is high and power and strength can’t be expressed with underlying instability. Our athletes are built off a solid foundation of mobility, quality movement patterns and control, to create a solid base to produce power and decreases injury risk. We use this principal for all our athletes, from juniors to elite adult athletes.

Reaching your fitness goals

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